English E-BOOK – Nihal Sri Ameresekere

Is not the root cause of abject poverty, the fraudulent pillage and plunder by corrupt means of public resources, both by the public and private sectors, out of sheer insatiable greed by a few, which thereby deny the dire basic needs of the many of their very right to livelihood ? Hence, ought not this root cause be courageously addressed and severely dealt with, to prevent the fraudulent pillage and plunder by corrupt means of the resources of the people, by enforcing the rule of law most stringently against such socio-politically powerful and affluent miscreants, than against the hapless [...]

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The incisive analysis of the facts revealed in these Books ought be examined and reviewed in the context of the mandatory duties and obligations to be observed and performed on the part of State Parties to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, to which Convention, Sri Lanka became one of the first State Parties by ratifying the Convention on 31st March 2004.